Katsuya Tokunaga _ Series HORSEBUTT



ROLLING DUB TRIO , TOKYO SANDAL デザイナー徳永勝也によるレザープロダクト

Katsuya Tokunaga Atelier Tokyo

上質なHORSEBUTT LEATHER #1010 (ホースバットレザー)を用いた新作です。



ROLLING DUB TRIO, TOKYO SANDAL: Leather products by designer Katsuya Tokunaga
[Katsuya Tokunaga Atelier Tokyo]
The leather has a firm thickness, yet is comfortable to use, and has a dense fiber structure that creates beautiful wrinkles,
This is a new product using high-quality HORSEBUTT LEATHER #1010.
Please enjoy the thick, brown-core horsehide leather used for boots.