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Dear, Ms.Bootsaholic




ROLLING DUB TRIOで展開しているブーツには、基本的に全て女性サイズからのご対応が可能となっております。

サイズラインナップはUS4 (22cm)- US12 (30cm)。

その中で女性へのご提案は US4 (22cm), US5 (23cm), US6 (24cm), US6H (24.5cm)あたりとなるかと思います。




ちなみに TOKYO SANDAL でも女性サイズ(US5 / 23cm)から展開しておりますので、合わせてご覧くださいませ。





ROLLING DUB TRIO boots are basically available in women's sizes.
The size range is from US4 (22cm) to US12 (30cm).
We suggest US4 (22cm), US5 (23cm), US6 (24cm), US6H (24.5cm) for women. (I have the impression that these boots are about half a size larger than most women's boots.)
Thankfully, we have recently had an increase in the number of women visiting our store and inquiring about our boots. We would be happy if you could take a look at our current stock and the ladies' stock that we are planning to finish in the future on this page.
Incidentally, TOKYO SANDAL also offers women's sizes (US5 / 23cm) and up, so please take a look.