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ドイツの名門シューケアメーカー[Collonil / コロニル]の馬毛シューケアブラシ。












Horsehair Shoe Care Brush by Collonil, a prestigious German shoe care manufacturer.

The horse hair brush from Collonil has been widely used for leather care and other essentials.While maintaining the basic product design, the handle has been revised to a size that is easy for anyone to hold in consideration of ease of use based on customer feedback. The length of the bristles and the width of the handle remain the same, but the length of the handle has been shortened by 2 cm to make it easier to handle than the previous version.
The beech wood handle has a groove for easy fingering and a curved design for natural brushing. The paint has been revised to a natural finish that becomes more durable as it is used.
The bristles are made of horsehair, which is highly resilient, and can be used not only to remove dirt and grime but also for polishing. It is a reliable item that can be used for a wide variety of applications, not only for shoes, but also for bags and clothing.
The handle of the brush is made of beech wood, giving it the warmth of wood. The natural clear coating gives it a sophisticated look. The design harmonizes practicality as a brush, a pleasant feel in the hand, and a beautiful appearance.

The Collonil logo has been changed from a metal plate to a more natural branding, improving visibility. Compared to the previous product, the new product has a more natural and unified impression, and gives the impression of evolution as a Colonil brand horse hair brush that draws out the charm of the material.
The bristles continue to be available in two colors, brown and black, allowing you to choose according to your preference and application. Both are made of high-quality horsehair and offer superior maintenance capabilities.
The new Collonil horsehair brush (Beech) is both easy to use and beautiful, and will become a dependable item for daily maintenance.